Current Initiatives

The SOAR team works to educate and raise awareness of early childhood social-emotional development through these important initiatives:


Early Childhood Positive Behavior Support (EC-PBS)

Early Childhood Positive Behavior Support combines training and weekly coaching to improve the quality of early childhood program environments in Boone County and to increase childcare providers’ ability for building relationships with children and families, promoting social-emotional development, reducing problem behaviors and promoting school readiness.

Learn more about EC-PBS.

Read article by Melissa Stormont and Dr. Laine Young-Walker,
“Supporting professional development needs for early childhood teachers: an exploratory analysis of teacher perceptions of stress and challenging behavior”


Child-Parent Psychotherapy (CPP)

SOAR provides Child-Parent Psychotherapy (CPP) to residents of Boone County. CPP is an intervention for children ages 0-5 and their primary caregivers who have experienced at least one form of trauma such as:

– Maltreatment
– A sudden or traumatic death of someone close
– A serious accident
– Sexual abuse
– Exposure to domestic violence
– A serious illness or medical procedure

CPP is appropriate for children living in an adoptive home, birth family home or foster/kinship care. The type of trauma and the child’s age/developmental status determine the structure of CPP sessions.

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Download SOAR CPP flyer.


Training for Childcare Providers

The SOAR team provides ongoing training for childcare providers and other children’s services providers to conduct developmental screenings like ASQ-3 and ASQ: SE-2.

Upcoming events for Childcare Providers.