Early Childhood Positive Behavior Support

Early Childhood Positive Behavior Support (EC-PBS) combines training and weekly coaching to improve the quality of early childhood program environments in Boone County and to increase childcare provider’s abilities for building relationships with children and families, promoting social-emotional development, reducing problem behaviors and promoting school readiness.

– Focuses on prevention and instruction for ALL students in the program, not just those with behavior problems.

– Establishes strategies and support for early childcare providers, children and families in the development of age-appropriate social skills.

– Provides parenting seminars offering effective parenting strategies, the importance of promoting social-emotional health, building positive relationships with their child and bridging the gap between home and school environments.

– Encourages child care providers to work from a team perspective and demonstrate how to use data to support decision making.

– EC-PBS coaches works directly with classroom teachers and administrators on a weekly basis.

– Developmental specialist works directly with classroom teachers and administrators on a monthly basis.


What is the role of an EC-PBS Universal Coach?

– Help create environments that support positive behaviors.

– Help implement social-emotional, behavioral strategies and successful teaching practices.

– Help childcare providers build positive relationships with children, families, and peers.

– Collaborate as a team member.

– Help problem solve and set goals.

– Conduct parenting seminars to teach parents effective parenting strategies and promote social emotional development.


What is the role of an EC-PBS Behavioral Consultant?

Universal Coach roles along with:

-Conduct small groups to strengthen a needed social emotional regulation skill.

-Recognize the need for individualized intensive intervention and help coach childcare providers how to effectively work with parents to make referrals.


EC-PBS provides:

– ASQ-3 Training
– ASQ-SE Training
– Universal Training for Infant and Toddler Teachers
– Universal Training for Pre-K Teachers
– Module 1- Temperament and Challenging Behavior Strategies
– Module 2- Social Emotional Strategies
– Module 3- Building Relationships, Avoiding Teacher Burn Out, & Self-Care Strategies


If you are interested in being involved in EC-PBS call Vicki Davolt at 884-6843 or email us.

Read article by Melissa Stormont and Dr. Laine Young-Walker,
“Supporting professional development needs for early childhood teachers: an exploratory analysis of teacher perceptions of stress and challenging behavior”