Ask for a Screening

What is a screening?

A screening is a standardized health screening administered by a trained professional such as your child’s doctor, daycare provider, or parent home educator. The screening helps determine a child’s health and development and identifies children who are at risk of having social-emotional developmental issues and those who would benefit from more in-depth assessment, intervention or treatment.

The Ages & Stages Questionairre (ASQ-3) and Ages & Stages Questionairre Social and Emotional (ASQ: SE-2) are quick easy screenings that help you learn more about your child’s development from one month to five years of age.

Your answers will show your child’s strengths and sometimes developmental concerns. If there are concerns, your ASQ provider will refer you to someone who can help.

Learn more about Ages & Stages (ASQ) here.


Parents who use the ASQ-3 say they learn a lot about their child’s growth and development, and they find new ways to play and bond with their children. The screening is fun for your child!


Don’t delay.

Research shows that the earlier a child’s emotional issues are identified and treated, the better their chances are for success in school and in life. If your child is unusually sad, angry or anxious, ask for a screening.

YOU are the expert on your child!


The first step is a screening. Start with your child’s doctor, or contact a clinic or provider in Boone County who offers developmental and social-emotional screenings.


Where can I get my child screened?

Your child’s doctor
Ask your child’s doctor if they offer the ASQ-3 or ASQ: SE-2.

Your childcare provider
Ask your childcare provider if they offer the ASQ-3 or ASQ: SE-2.

Family Health Center
(573) 214-2314
Visit website

South Providence Pediatrics (MU Healthcare)
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Tiger Pediatrics
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Parents as Teachers
PAT provides free screenings to families throughout Boone County.
Call to schedule a screening for your child:

Ashland/Southern Boone: (573) 657-2148
Centralia:  (573) 682-2014
Columbia: (573) 214-3955
Hallsville:  (573) 696-5512 ext. 631
Harrisburg: (573) 875-0290
Sturgeon: (573) 687-3519