Is this Typical?

All parents want to believe that their child is okay, but if you feel that something isn’t right, pay attention. Parents are usually the first to recognize their child has a problem with emotions or behavior.

If your child is unusually sad, angry or anxious, ask for a screening. Start with your child’s doctor, or get a screening from a provider in Boone County.

See milestones here.

To learn more about what’s considered “typical” see CDC developmental milestones here.


Where can I get my child screened?

Your child’s doctor
Ask your child’s doctor if they offer the ASQ-3 or ASQ: SE-2.

Your childcare provider
Ask your childcare provider if they offer the ASQ-3 or ASQ: SE-2.

Boone County WIC Office
SOAR offers developmental screenings every third Tuesday of the month (5-7pm) and every third Wednesday of the month (9-11am) at the WIC Office located at 1005 W. Worley St. in Columbia.

Family Health Center
(573) 214-2314
Visit website

South Providence Pediatrics (MU Healthcare)
Visit website

Tiger Pediatrics
Visit website

Parents as Teachers
PAT provides free screenings to families throughout Boone County.
Call to schedule a screening for your child:

Ashland/Southern Boone: (573) 657-2148
Centralia:  (573) 682-2014
Columbia: (573) 214-3955
Hallsville:  (573) 696-5512 ext. 631
Harrisburg: (573) 875-0290
Sturgeon: (573) 687-3519